7 Reasons to Move to Aroostook County Maine April 02, 2018 06:42

Aroostook county in Maine is famous for many reasons, from its French heritage, to its time as a world leader in potato and lumber production, not to mention its former Loring AFB being the first fictional target in the movie "War Games".

 Simply known as “The County” in Maine, Aroostook county is unique and wonderful in many ways.  Here is why we want to live there, again!

Northern Maine Sunset

1) The Scenery

        From Houlton in the south to the St. John river valley in the north, the scenic views never stop.  You’ll see picturesque farms, amazing lakes, tons of wildlife, and in certain spots, great views of Mt. Katahdin, the tallest point in Maine.  Like seeing the sun rise?  In the summer, Mars Hill Mountain is the first place in the United States to see the sun.  Like seeing the sun set?  The most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen have been in The County.

Cheap Maine Real Estate

2) Cheap Real Estate

      Loring Air Force base was a relic of the Cold War. One of the United States largest domestic bases, it housed over 10,000 personnel at its peak. When the base closed in the mid 1990’s Aroostook county’s economy took a big hit.  The county’s population has been shrinking ever since.  While this is less than ideal for most areas,  it has meant a glut of great real estate in northern Maine. Plots of farmland can be purchased for as little as $1000 an acre, and sometimes even less. A lot of the houses are steeply discounted compared to similar properties elsewhere. So if you have the financial means, or work in a growing industry such as the medical field, you can find some hidden real estate gems in “The County”.

Homemade Kettle Fudge Maine

3) Cheap potatoes

    At one time, Aroostook county was one of the United States' top potato producers.  It is still a major industry up here.  For local consumers it means small farm stands along the highways operating on the honor system.  Or, head into a local shop like Sleepers Market in Caribou, and pick up a 50 pound bag for $7.00, about half the cost of the same bag in the Bangor area just 175 miles to the south. Pick up some of their homemade kettle fudge while you're there!

Acadian Village Historical French Museum

4) French Heritage

     During colonial times,  northeastern North America was settled by the French.  The area including Maine and New Brunswick was known as Acadia.  Aroostook county still holds on to much of its french heritage.  The historic Acadian village in Van Buren along the St. John river valley is a great place to explore this heritage.  You can also catch glimpses listening to the many radio stations broadcasting in french, or the welcome signs to many towns written in french.

Moose on Snowmobile Trail Maine

 5) The Trails

      Because most of Aroostook county is wilderness, the best way to see it is on the trails.  Hundreds of miles of trails crisscross the county on old rail beds and cuts through the forest.  Snowmobile on these trails in the winter months or take out your quads and side by side atvs in the summer.  Or just grab your hiking boots or a Mountain bike and go explore this great resource.  Just watch out for the occasional moose, bobcat or black bear. You can check out more work from this amazing photographer above by visiting Paul Cyr Photography Facebook page, or purchase his hilarious "Uses for Mooses: And Other Silly Observations" book on Amazon.

Northern Maine Fishing, hunting and wildlife

6) The Fishing

The huge lakes in northern Maine used to be the backbone of a huge logging industry.   Now they are some of the most beautiful lakes you can find.  Most still enjoy a remoteness that keeps them pristine.  Fish these lakes year-round, from your boat or out on the ice.  You can catch several species of trout, many pan fish and even landlocked Salmon on Long Lake,  Cross Lake, and Eagle lake, among others.  And don’t forget the many brooks, streams, and rivers to fish as well. Get more information HERE.

Northern Maine Tourism visit Aroostook Maine

7) The People, or Lack Thereof.

According to Wikipedia,  “The County”. Is the largest county by land mass east of the Mississippi.  And only St. Louis county in Minnesota is larger.  Aroostook county boasts a population of less than 72,000 people.  This makes it the most rural area in the lower 48 states.  With a small and shrinking population, Aroostook is the perfect place to avoid the crowds.  However the people who do live here are warm, friendly, and look out for their neighbors.  You’ll make lifelong friends without even trying.  You still see the emphasis on family and Christian values. See tourism information HERE.


Aroostook county in Maine: It’s truly the way life should be.